Paper Craft Pantry


Private Label scented candles for Paper Craft + Pantry.

  • Paper: Cozy + Inviting. Smells like lavender, chamomile, cedar wood and sage. “The cozy evening where you sit down at your vintage desk to write a letter to your loved ones.”
  • Pen: Crisp + Fresh. Smells like greenery, lilac, jasmine, vanilla and ylang yang. “That perfect weather kind of day where you keep your windows open and find time to write some snail mail to your best friend.”
  • Postage: Warm + Mellow. Smells like apple, amber, blackberry, patchouli and chartreuse. "Opening up mail from your loved ones in your home while sipping on tea"

  • Holiday: A minimal yet cozy scent that evokes the feeling of sitting by a fire place on a cold winter day. You're bundled up under your favorite blanket and sipping on a hot cup of tea while your fur baby is curled up by your feet as you read a book. Notes: fir, eucalyptus, cypress, patchouli.  Vessels are a frosted grey full double-wick vessel + cork; and a frosted blue votive + cork

Vegan Ingredients:
coconut wax, fine fragrance oil [custom scent], hemp wick, amber jars, black ribbed lid.

Small candle net wt 3.4 oz | 96 g
Standard candle net wt 6.8 oz | 192 g
Holiday votive net wt 6.8oz | 192 g
Holiday full net wt 13oz | 369 g

Small candle burn time is roughly 30+ hours.
Standard candle burn time is roughly 50+ hours.
Holiday votive burn time is roughly 50+ hours.
Holiday full, double-wick burn time is roughly 70+ hours.

Min. Quantity:
Small: Case of 6
Standard: Case of 6
Holiday: Case of 12