About the brand

We are a fragrance house and candle company founded in Central Texas. We handcraft scented candles in a range of aromas designed to invite magic and elevate any space.

Our apothecary inspired glass jars, hemp wicks and coconut wax blend set the tone for moments to unwind. The graphic line art is a subtle nod to the historically romantic period of art deco.

Each scent reflects the spirit of the universe while the terrestrial & cosmic aesthetic captivates the senses.

The Natural line is suited for those who appreciate an extensive range of scent notes synthetically arranged with fine fragrance oils. FOs here are phthalate-free for safety.

The Botanical line is for the naturalist seeking a healthier alternative and is scented only with organic essential oils. EOs may appear softer to the olfactory nerves for a meditative experience.

New products are dreamt as our bond with the eco-conscious consumer grows stronger. We strive to create collections that line up with your values whether mystical or sybaritic.

Please message us if you would like to sample anything or have any questions. All products ship from our Central Texas studio. We look forward to growing a redolent relationship with you!

Write to us at priscilla@herlandhome.com